Eurofins Digital Media Services (EDMS) opens its state-of-the-art Quality Control facility in New York City

December 4, 2018

First dedicated media asset QC provider on the East Coast

NEW YORK and BURBANK, December 4, 2018/PRNewswire — Eurofins Digital Media Services (, formerly My Eye Media, announced today the official opening of their new office in New York City. Located in the bustling Chelsea district, the facility is the first of its kind in the Greater New York area, dedicated solely to Master Quality Control with a focus on 4K/UHD High Dynamic Range video and immersive audio formats.

The New York facility is already offering Master QC services to customers, including two of the largest television content providers in the city, and is expanding its portfolio of services to include 4K/UHD HDR Master file QC and IMF packaging in early 2019. Eurofins Digital Media Services (EDMS) is investing in equipping new suites with tools such as Colorfront’s Transkoder and GrayMeta’s Iris to support this expansion.

EDMS’ President and founder Michael Kadenacy explains: “Our company is committed to growing its footprint in North America and into major international markets to meet the demand for high-quality third-party QC services. Our office in New York will offer the same quality of services offered by our headquarters in Burbank, from source master file Quality Control to packaging and delivery to major OTT service providers around the globe”.

Josh Erkman, EVP of Strategic Operations, said: “I am very pleased to also announce that Vincent Giambrone is heading our Operations on the East Coast and will oversee the expansion of our services in NYC. Vincent brings a wealth of QC and post production experience with him and we are excited to have him leading our East Coast efforts.”

In early 2017, Eurofins Digital Media Services in Burbank, California became the first Quality Control facility to be Dolby Vision Certified. In addition to Master QC services for all digital file formats, EDMS provides digital and streaming quality control, storefront monitoring services, IMF packaging, DCP, and optical disc Quality Control services.

About Eurofins Digital Media Services –
Eurofins Digital Media Services (EDMS), formerly My Eye Media, is a leader in quality control, technical analysis, and testing for major motion picture Studios, TV broadcasters, OTT and independent content producers. The company’s deep understanding of the technical intricacies required for the digital landscape makes its work critical to major film studios, cable and satellite channels, streaming platforms, media providers and content library owners. Founded in 2004, EDMS is the most advanced and experienced digital-file testing company in the world. In 2017, EDMS was acquired by Eurofins, a global provider of analytical testing services to clients across multiple industries, operating in 44 countries. EDMS’ headquarters are in Burbank and the company operates offices in New York and in Japan.

Media Relations:
Christiane Ducasse, Vice President, Business Development – Tel: +1 818 748 2115 – Cell: +1 310 435 4063

Other inquiries – EDMS New York: Vincent Giambrone, Head of Operations, New York – Tel: +1 646 760 5509

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