My Eye Media Announces Rollout of STORM Meta Data Monitoring Platform for Studios and Content Creators

March 26, 2016

BURBANK, Calif., March 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — My Eye Media ( announced today the release of their digital Storefront Testing and Online Retail Monitoring (STORM) platform, which allows film studios and content owners to check the accuracy of listings across a multitude of distribution platforms around the world using automated software.

This groundbreaking system will allow My Eye Media clients to ensure their content is promoted with accurate and correct titles, descriptions, prices, and release dates. In addition, STORM can monitor digital store placements and create live snapshots that can be used to diagnose data discrepancies.

CEO Michael Kadenacy explained the enormous need for STORM. “In the past, it has been challenging for studios to verify their products are being displayed and marketed correctly. With hundreds of outlets to manage, double-checking metadata used to be prohibitive in terms of cost and time. Now, with the click of a button, they can look into online stores around the world and know exactly what’s happening.”

My Eye Media Senior Vice President Joshua Erkman adds that STORM goes beyond previous attempts at checking online retailer compliance. “While there have been a few attempts

to develop this kind of functionality in the past, our product goes farther in measuring the accuracy of each avail, and can even be customized. It’s also the only piece of software of its kind that’s built specifically for this particular aspect of the home entertainment industry.”

Erkman further notes that although STORM can evaluate many different online digital media storefronts at once, it is also backed by a team of live researchers. “As robust as the software itself is, we like having an extra layer of verification. It gives our customers extra piece of mind to know someone is always double checking for accuracy.”

My Eye Media executives expect to see a rush of new registrations now that STORM has been released. They report some movie studios are already realizing the potential cost-savings associated with automated storefront monitoring, and add that the ability to instantly find and diagnose problems with sale prices, release dates, and episode availability could realize significant savings for individual content creators each year.

“We have a long history of helping our customers to ensure that their streaming products are properly sold and delivered,” Kadenacy says. “What we’ve done is take expensive, time-consuming errors out of the process to make it easier for studios to distribute their works around the world.”

Anyone interested in learning more about STORM is encouraged to contact My Eye Media at

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